Urban Housing Partners

Program: Proposed 23.5 acres Urban Master Plan: 1,050- Multifamily Units with 30,000GSF Commercial/Retail, adjacent to the San Diego River

Address: Mission Gorge Road, Grantville Redevelopment Project Area, San Diego

Developer: Shawnee LLC /CG7600 LP

UHP’s Role: Processing and Entitlements, Land Entitlement Project Manager

Value Added: Brought on in the earliest stages of the land entitlement process. Coordination of a complex city entitlement process with the state environmental review process and a new river park master plan all within in a state redevelopment project area; that is comprised of three “sub areas”; all undergoing a new Community Plan Update.

Also responsible for: Preliminary Feasibility, Design, Maximization of Land Value, Project Budgeting, Coordinating with Various Stakeholders, Entitlement Process Management.

Website: www.riverbendsd.com